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Information on owning a pet crematory can be difficult to find. NPET has a solution to get your profitable business started today. The pet cremation business involves a unique business model, and our experienced crematory planners are here to assist in opening your pet crematory today!

Save Time & Money Opening with NPET

Save over 35% starting your pet crematory with NPET. NPET provides consulting, equipment, and professional training through our online class as well as start up packages available.

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Consultation Services

Many questions arise in the pet cremation industry due to the lack of information available. With over 20 years experience, our Pet Crematory Planners have the answers to your questions. Consultation on the pet cremation industry is our specialty. Inquire today about our consultation packages including one free hour of consultation with a pet crematory planner.

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How to Own & Operate a Pet Crematory Class Now Online!!!! Financing Available

Owning a pet cremation business can be financially and personally rewarding. With the right information and knowledge, a pet cremation business can sustain success for a long period of time. NPET’s premier class, How to Own & Operate a Pet Crematory, provides each student with the accurate information and knowledge on the pet cremation industry. The information and knowledge attained in this course will bring experience to the student in the pet cremation industry.
Receive a National Pet Cremation Owner & Operator Certification

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Benefits of NPET’s Packages

Cremation for our beloved pets is becoming the number one choice for Americans. The pet cremation industry is growing at a fast rate, and the United States will be in need of well over 1,000 more pet crematories in the next five years. Be the next person to take advantage of this growing and profitable industry. Create your own business with the assistance of NPET, and achieve your personal and financial goals. Many benefits exist for each package NPET offers to clients. Please contact us today for more information on these packages.

Benefits include::
• Hands on Physical Training
• Equipment training and purchasing
• Marketing assessments including pricing, veterinarians, and geographic location
• Governmental compliance for a pet crematory
• Preparing services available to the particular community a pet crematory operates in
• Preparation for zoning and governmental hearings
• Website development unique to the pet cremation industry
• Location Setup and equipment placement
• Real Estate assessment and selection
And So Much More!

Website Design and Consultation Package

A website for a pet crematory can be difficult to design. With 20 years experience, NPET knows how to design a website specifically geared toward your pet crematory, but also understands how important ranking in searches are. With this package, a uniquely designed website for your business will be created, and clients have 25 hours of consultation with a pet crematory planner. Don’t be fooled by marketing websites! Websites created by NPET are designed to sell your business, and increase revenue!

Operations Training

Do you need help successfully opening your pet crematory? Under this package, our pet crematory planner comes to you! For three full days, the pet crematory planner will help your company setup your physical location, provide physical training, assist with recovering pets properly, consult on marketing your crematory, and so much more! Ask all the questions you need in order to make your company successful. Inquire today for this unique package!

Comprehensive Package

Our comprehensive package has everything you need to start your pet crematory. Under this package, clients receive a uniquely designed website for their business, veterinary assessment, real estate consulting assessment, marketing consultation. Zoning review board attendance, 25 hours of consultation, and much more! If you need assistance in opening your pet crematory, NPET is here to help. Contact NPET today!

Hourly Consultation

With hourly consultation, clients have the flexibility to choose how much time they spend with a pet crematory planner. Have questions about daily operations of a pet crematory? Do you have questions about the type of equipment needed for a pet crematory? Contact NPET today for more information including one free hour of consultation.

Premier Consultation Package

With our premier consultation package, clients receive 25 hours of consultation from a senior crematory planner. Are you having trouble locating a building to fit the needs of your pet crematory? Do you have questions about environmental regulations as well as state regulations? Ask our pet crematory planners these questions under this type of package. With over 20 years experience, we have the answers to assist you in successfully opening and operating your pet crematory.

Hands on Training

Have you been curious about how a pet crematory operates? NPET offers hands on training to individuals interested in opening a pet crematory in their area. Receive a full three days of hands on training under this package. During the training, clients experience how to recover pets, use specific equipment, pre cremation process, post cremation process, and so much more. Our special training package prepares individuals for daily operations of a pet crematory. Inquire today for this unique opportunity. No other pet crematory offers this training!